PayPal Email Scam – Email Form

PayPal Email Scam – Email Form

Also see the web version | How to report a scam

I’ve received this version of the scam from many of you. It’s a more advanced version because it shows up in your email inbox instead of linking you to a scam web site. This makes it much more difficult for the average person to figure out where the information is being sent.

Here’s the bottom line:

Never Fill Out a Form From Your Email Inbox!

In this form, the scammers are asking you for your credit card number, expiration date, and your ATM PIN. Does that even make sense? Are you listening to that little voice in your head that questions why PayPal needs to know your ATM PIN?

I tracked down where the information was being sent and the server had already been shut down. The domain that was being used had been set up only three or four days before I got the email. It appears that they were working from Croatia, but it’s almost impossible to be sure.

Bottom line again? Never Fill Out a Form From Your Email Inbox!

Author: Richard Patterson

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