Mrs.Tina Powell Version: “West African advanced fee” or “419” Email Scam

This is another version of the Nigerian email scam, now being sent out by “Mrs.Tina Powell.”

Read more about the history of this scam.



Good day and how are your business over there.It has been a long time
that I have been thinking of contacting you but it is due to the sudden
problem encountered by my`Boss´”His Excellency´President Charles Taylor
of Liberia which resulted to the collapsed of his government that now
resulted our seeking asylum in Nigeria West Africa.Before the collapsed
of my`Boss´government.

I intercepted a packaged document from europe which I try to open to
check the content as an instruction given to me so as to guide against
any time bomb parcel which may be directed to the President by his
political rivalry that is the opposition party.

On seeing the content of the parcel”It was tagged consignment lodgment
which involve huge amount of 10.5M pound sterling deposited with Finance
& Security Inc. in europe.Contact and all relevant information regarding
the deposit and the method of collection including the deposit payment
receipt were enclosed in the parcel. I received this parcel very close
to the time that my `Boss´were quitted out of the office.Hence I decided
to hold on to the document for my life utilization.

Before this, let me reiterate it to you that I have been reliably
gathered an information from one of my friend in your high commission
that normally visited Presidential Villa that you are trustworthy and
somebody that can stand firmly for any financial transaction because he
told me that you are capable, With this information,I now decide to seek
your able assistance due to your personality for you to front for me in
the claiming of this consignment as the American´s are bending on
charging my`Boss´for war crime which has even made him to be so
disturbed I really need your urgent assistance as I will like to come
down to your country for the rest of my life.

Please kindly get back to me on this my private
and as soon as i hear from you.I am ready to release all the document
relating to the consignment for your contact to the Finance company and
the bonafide power of attorney will be issued to you and be dully signed
and attested to by a reputable court of law for your quick collection of
the funds in the financial house in europe. I await your speedy response

Mrs.Tina Powell .
Protocol Officer Investment.


Author: Richard Patterson

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