Mrs. Jewel Howard Taylor Version: “West African advanced fee” or “419” Email Scam

This is another version of the Nigerian email scam, now being sent out by “Mrs. Jewel Howard Taylor.”

Read more about the history of this scam.


I am Mrs. Jewel Howard Taylor, a wife of embattled President of war torn
Liberia, Mr Charles Taylor. My husband just stepped down as President of
Liberia some months ago, but matters were not helped when UN Special War
Crimes Court for Sierra Leone indicted my husband for war crimes in June
last year, demanding his prosecution.

Currently i and my husband have been granted asylum in Nigeria, but I
relocated my two sons (Williams & Charles Jnr) immediately in July 2003
to Sao Tome & Principe (a small oil rich island off the coast of West

They are currently in hiding there under new identities, awaiting the
outcome of events in my country, and what will become of me and my
husband in asylum.

The reason is this,During the political crisis some years ago in Sierra
Leone (West African Country rich in diamonds), my husband was actively

Early laast year, he entrusted some large quantities of diamonds to me.
He told me if anything happened to him, I should use it to take care of
myself. Fearing its detection due to the volume, my son (Williams)
traveled to South-Africa with the diamonds (on my instructions) and sold
them, getting a total of US$18,000,000.00(eighteen Million US Dollars

This money he moved through diplomatic channel to a security safe house
in Europe for protective custody under a different name.

Now,the United Nations is intending freezing all my husbands assets and
affiliate accounts and the government of Nigeria has refused issuing
neither him nor my family any visa to travel out of their country again
because of the current political situation.

This is why I need you to please either travel to Europe to claim this
money and subsequently deposit same in a reputable bank there for onward
transfer to your account, or to instruct the security company to move
the funds out of there to any of their corresponding banks or offices in
Europe or Asia for onward transfer to your account.

Once you are able to show your sincerity I will send the necessary
correspondence and documentation related to the transaction to you to
effect this. I am also willing to forfeit 25% of the funds to you 5% set
aside for miscelleneous expenses, believing you will hold 70% on trust
for me sons until we are able to leave here and join you under new

My first son Williams is 27years old (an Economist), and Charles Jnr is
only 21 years old. My only daughter Helen died in October 1999 from
complications of pneumonia.

Please note that my husband is not even aware that I sold the diamonds,
nor does he know the whereabout of the funds.

Once the funds are safely out of the netherlands I and my sons will
leave to start a new life.

If you cannot help us, simply destroy and forget I ever contacted you.

You can contact me via email(, enclosing your contacts

May God guide you in whatever you decide, and thank you for taking out
time to read this request.

Fondest regards.

Mrs. Jewel Howard Taylor

Author: Richard Patterson

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