Peter Eneli Version: “West African advanced fee” or “419” Email Scam

This is another version of the Nigerian email scam, now being sent out by “Peter Eneli.”

Read more about the history of this scam.

From Peter Eneli
Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire

With Due Respect Dearest Beloved

I know you will be surprised to read from me, but
please consider this as a request from a family in
dire need of assistance. First, I must introduce
myself, I am Mr.Peter Eneli from South Africa. I am the
first son and only son of the Dr. Stephen Eneli
I am presently residing in Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire In West
Africa with my sick mother whom the doctors have confirmed
that whe will die before few months.

I got your contact from Business Directory in Cote d Ivoire
Chamber and Industry , and I on behalf of my mother
Mrs. Susan Eneli, decided to solicit for your
assistance to transfer the sum of Five
Million United States Dollars (US$5M) inherited from my father into your
personal or company’s account. Before my father’s
death, he was in charge of many positions in my country as you
can confirm from this sites below

He specifically drew my attention to the sum
of US$5M, which he deposited in a safe one trunk
box of a private Security Company in Abidjan,

In fact, my father said in his will and I quote: “My
beloved son, I wish to bring to your notice, that i have
deposit the sum of Five Million,
United States Dollars (US$5M) which I deposited in one trunk
box with a Security Company in Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire In
West Africa. During the crisis and detention time, I was
very dedicated and committed to winning the war against the
rebels that are looking for my father because i escaped with
my mother until we arrived here in Abidjan.


]From the above, you will understand that the lives and
future of my family depends on this money, as such I
will be very grateful if you can assist us. We are now
living in Abidjan as political asylum seekers and the
financial laws of Cote d Ivoire does not allow Asylum
Seekers certain financial rights to such huge amount
of money. In view of this, I cannot invest this money
in abidjan, hence I am asking you to assist me
transfer this money out of the Security Company for
investment purposes. For your efforts, I am prepared
to offer you 25% of the total fund while 5% will be
set aside for local and international expenses and 70%
will be kept by my family and me.

Finally, modalities on how the transfer will be done
will be conveyed to you once we have established trust
and confidence between ourselves and have your telephone and fax
numbers for easy communication. Please, treat as urgent and have
it in your mind that the security company never know that the
content of the consignment is money,it is just a secret between you and me.

Best regards.

Mr.Peter Eneli


Author: Richard Patterson

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