Cole Joseph Version: “West African advanced fee” or “419” Email Scam

This is another version of the Nigerian email scam, now being sent out by “Cole Joseph”.

Read more about the history of this scam.

Dear Friend,

I am a director in the foreign affairs department of the Nigerian
National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). I got your email during a
personal research on the Internet and wish to use this opportunity to
notify you of the existence of a certain amount we wish to transfer
overseas for the purpose of investments and importation of goods from
your country.

In May 2001, a contract of sixty-six million United States dollars
($66,000,000) was awarded to a foreign company by my ministry. The
contract was supply, erection and system optimization of supper polyore
200,000-bpsd, system optimization of 280,000-monax axial plants and the
computerization of conveyor belt for Kaduna refinery. With only the
consent of the head of the contract evaluation department, I over
invoiced the contract value by thirty four million United States dollars

The contract has been completed long ago and the foreign company fully
paid off. But in the office files and paper work, the company is still
owed USD34M representing the over invoiced amount. Because this amount
is derived from the award and execution of a foreign contract, there is
no way the money can be paid locally. That is why I contacted you so
that we can do the project together for our mutual benefit. We have
concluded every necessary arrangement to transfer this amount to a
foreign account as the final phase payment for the said contract. What
we need is your bank account into which we can deposit the money and
after we shall come over there to share the money with you.

We sincerely need an honest person to work with and have agreed to share
the money in the following percentages, 70% will be for us who will
effect the transfer and 30% will be for you whose account is used to
secure the funds. There is no risk involvement because applications
will be made to the concerned Federal ministries and parastatal with
official approvals given by the Federal government before the Central
bank of Nigeria will be officially empowered to wire the funds to your
account by telegraphic transfer.

If you are interested, contact me by Email through
indicating your full names or company name and address. Your direct
telephone and fax numbers. The name and address of the bank you will
like us to deposit the money, the telephone and fax numbers of the bank,
your account number etc. Everything has been arranged and I will send
more information about the business transaction to you as soon as I hear
from you. For obvious reasons, please keep the proposal top secret and
highly confidential.

Kind regards,

Author: Richard Patterson

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