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Identity Theft Facts: 10 million victims in U.S. • Victims spend an average of $1,500 and 175 hours to recover • Total cost – $50 billion

Find Out if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, it takes 12 months, on average, for a victim of identity theft to notice the crime.

Already a Victim of Identity Theft?

Learn how to stop identity theft and start repairing the damage. It will take time and effort to fix, but you should start today.

Identity Theft Blog
Recent blog posts on identity theft, scams, privacy, and technology.

Identity Theft Research

Learn How to Report a Scam

What should you do when you get a scam email or end up on a scam website? We’re going to teach you who to report the scam to, or how you can track down the scammers yourself and work to help shut down their scam-collecting ways, at least temporarily.

Put a Fraud Alert on Your Credit

If you think you might be a victim, or just want to tighten up the security of your credit, you can tell the major credit bureaus to place a “fraud alert” on your credit file. This will put in a request that future creditors contact you to confirm any new credit by phone.

Stop Junk Mail and Telemarketers

Every credit offer you get in the mail is a possible invitation for identity theft. You don’t need that junk! We’ll show you how to make it stop, for just the price of a few stamps and a few minutes of your time.

Educate Yourself on the Latest Scams and Fraud

Ever receive an email asking you to confirm your password or account number? How about an email from Nigeria asking you to help them transport millions of dollars? Just about guaranteed that it’s a scam. Thieves prefer to just ask for the information they want. Don’t fall for their tricks.

Keep Informed about Identity Theft and Fraud Legislation

Identity theft is finally receiving some attention from law makers at the state and federal level. These laws are designed to protect you from thieves and scam artists. Find out what’s been passed and what’s on the horizon.

Author: Richard Patterson

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