Family Secure Television Commercial

Family Secure Television Commercial

1:01 minutes
Produced by Family Secure
Family Secure television commercial that explains what the service provides and what issues exist around child identity theft. Learn more about Family Secure.

What is Family Secure?

Family Secure was created by, Inc., an Experian company. Family Secure is a comprehensive monitoring system developed in response to the growing problem of child identity theft. Fraudsters know the average consumer does not check their own credit report on a regular basis, let alone their child’s, so it gives them plenty of time to exploit the child’s information without the parent’s knowledge. Family Secure was developed to help parents fight back against child identity theft.

What exactly does Family Secure do for me and my family?

  • Family Secure checks the parents and children’s personal information against the Experian credit report database to see if there is a credit report associated with the parent or the child
  • It monitors the parents and the children’s credit reports, not just for key changes but also for any suspicious activity
    It provides email alert notification, allowing the parents to take appropriate action
  • It offers the parent unlimited access to their own credit report so the parent can keep a watchful eye on any unwarranted activity
  • Family Secure allows you to extend benefits to your spouse or one adult family member or friend at no additional cost
  • Family Secure is backed by our team of Fraud Resolution representatives and our exclusive $2,000,000 guarantee, reimbursing you for certain expenses incurred should you or your enrolled children become victims of identity theft as a Family Secure member.

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Author: Richard Patterson

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