Data Breach InfoGraphic

It doesn’t matter who you are. Identity theft can affect anyone. From a wee baby in the crib to the senior citizen playing shuffleboard in Florida, we are all at risk. So what can you do to protect yourself? Keeping your personal information as “personal” as possible is a good place to start. Try these suggestions on for size:

  • Choosing quality passwords
  • Enrolling in an identity theft protection service
  • Limiting your sharing of personal information online

Along those lines, we have an excellent infographic from LifeLock that shows how your personal information can leak out via what’s called a data breach.

Check it out…

Data Breach Infographic
Please feel free to share the Data Breach Infographic by LifeLock.

Author: Dave Nielsen

I started using computers in 1978 on the Apple II and was first online (using my “high-speed” 1200 baud modem) in 1989. I’ve managed web sites for several Fortune 500 companies and for internet start-ups. Working for one of those start-ups is what brought me into the world of credit. I was part of the the executive team that ran QSpace, the first company to offer credit reports over the internet.

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