Zombies Help Spread Sober Worm

Is your computer a zombie? Not sure? Is your virus scanning software up-to-date? Have you even installed a virus scanner on your computer? No???

If not, your computer may be a zombie that is spreading a particularly nasty worm named “Sober” to thousands of computers worldwide.

Evidently some zombie computers are blasting out thousands of emails that purport to come from the FBI, of all places.


Have you received one these emails from the FBI or CIA recently? It should have looked something like this stuff:

Of course the attached file wasn’t a list of questions from your local G-man but a file infected with a new strain of the Sober worm.

The worm was being sent out via zombie machines infected with earlier versions of the worm. E-mail security vendor MessageLabs said it blocked more than 2.7 million e-mails in the first 24 hours of the outbreak. Man those zombies are working overtime!

ZoneAlarm Security Suite picked up the worm on my machine and removed it before it did any damage. Do you have an updated anti-virus running on your machine? If not, you could be one of those zombies pumping out thousands of worm-ridden emails without even knowing it.

Author: Richard Patterson

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