Proof the Most Secure Facebook Profile is No Facebook Profile At All

If you’re a Facebook addict – and chances that if you have a parietal lobe and a mouse, you are – then you’ll be interested to see this eye-opening article about how easy it is to hack through the privacy settings in your profile.

According to, an Israeli security research firm recently demonstrated just how easy it is to hack Facebook and bypass the privacy settings that so many of us hold dear.

Claims the man:

I could write malicious application that steals users personal info or even simple application that build for me a bot net users for malicious purposes like hacking systems for SQL Injections and DDOS attacks. Using ClickJacking i also could fool users to click whatever I want: adding me as their friend, delete their account, and even open their camera and microphone using flash (Older versions then 10.x), or install Facebook applications that posting their web camera and microphone every time they connected to Facebook – Just use your imagination on what you want others to click on…Transfer to you poker chips???

In other words, be afraid. Be very afraid.

In all seriousness, this does give cause for concern. Many users simply believe that using the proper security settings on their Facebook profile is enough to keep unwanted users out, but a skilled hacker should have no trouble doing damage.

It’s important to note that if you want to protect your privacy, it’s still a good idea to keep your privacy settings strict so that unwanted users can’t view your information or photographs. But the ease with which Facebook can be hacked, at least in the example above, does give rise to this question: is this proof that the most secure Facebook profile is no Facebook profile at all?

Demo Video

The researcher has released a video showing the clickjacking hack, though it doesn’t have any audio – bummer. 

What Should You Do?

There’s no reason to cut and run simply because you’re afraid of hackers. But if you closely guard your security online and keep a Facebook profile active, then this question is one you’ll really want to ponder.

Remember also that just because a hacker could get to your profile doesn’t mean that any necessarily will or would want to. Just be sure that you respect your own privacy and respect the power of hackers to go after your identity through something as simple as social media.

Author: Richard Patterson

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