IRS Tax Form Scam

IRS Scam
See the actual scammy W-9095 tax form.

This scam has been around for a while, but always seems to resurface, especially around tax time.

The scam involves fake IRS forms, usually titled W-9095 or W-8888. It begins with a letter in the mail requesting that you fill out the fake form and then fax it back to the given fax number. If you don’t fill out the form and return it in seven days, they say you’ll lose an important tax exemption.

The form itself doesn’t miss any of the juicy tidbits of your financial life. It asks for:

– Name
– Address
– Mothers Maiden Name
– Date of Birth
– Bank Address, Account Number, and PIN

They don’t miss anything, do they?

Be smart and keep your eyes open for this scam as you scurry to finalize your taxes this year.

Author: Richard Patterson

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