Ready to Celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the Do Not Call Registry?

Angry Telemarketer

Maybe you’re not ready to celebrate, but telemarketers all over the country are excited about the big day. Why, you may ask? Because your telephone number will automatically come off the Do Not Call list and back onto the desks of telemarketers. How can that be? Well, here’s a refresher course on how the Do Not Call Registry works:

After years of research, workshops, and meetings, as well as much consideration and input from over 64,000 people like you and me, the FTC and FCC came up the Do Not Call Registry. The registry was created to give you the right to opt out of annoying telemarketing calls. To sign up, you only have to call or fill out a form on to a website and submit your phone number. Telemarketers then have 31 days to remove your name from their call lists. Beautiful!

Not so fast…

Apparently the telemarketers didn’t like the idea that once someone signed up they might never hear from a telemarketer again. Out of their concern for you (right!), the telemarketers pushed the FTC to create a rule that after five years of being on the registry a phone number would automatically be removed and put back on call lists. The FTC agreed and this is why the DNC Registry’s fifth anniversary has telemarketers salivating. Your telephone is ready to start ringing again. Are you ready?

So what can you do?

Just re-register your number for the Do Not Call list. It takes less than 2 minutes and you can do it by phone or web site.

Get all the details on how to re-register your name…

UPDATE: It appears that the “FTC Pledges Not to Drop Any Numbers From Do Not Call Registry, Pending Final Congressional or Agency Action on Whether to Make Registration Permanent the registry pending”

Author: Richard Patterson

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