eBay Scammer Blown Up by Judge Judy

This has bounced around the internet the past few months, but I just had to share it.

In this clip, an eBay scammer appears on Judge Judy and is absolutely destroyed. Her scam was listing cell phones on Ebay, but instead of delivering an actual phone, she ships the buyer a photo of a cell phone.

How cute.

She tries to defend her scam by claiming that the buyer should have seen “photo only” in the fine print of the ad. Yeah, I’m sure that would work at a car dealership as well…

“I’m sorry sir, we can’t let drive the Mercedes home tonight. You actually only purchased the Mercedes S-600 brochure – not the car. We’re sorry, but that’s what the contract states if you look here at the bottom of page 15.”

Fraud is fraud, whether it happens on eBay or at your local car dealership. Too bad the scammer got her comeuppance on a TV show instead of a real court. In any case, Judge Judy makes it pretty clear she’s going to do her best to sick the IRS and child protective services on the woman.

Author: Richard Patterson

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