About Fight Identity Theft

The goal of Fight Identity Theft is to make you more aware of the risks of identity theft and to present clear steps you can take to protect yourself. In addition, I try to present all of this information with a clean, crisp site design, navigation, and writing style.

Fight Identity Theft has been featured or mentioned in a number of major print and web publications and TV news programs. A few are:

AUG 2006 – “Start-Ups Offer Protection From Identity Theft”

APR 2007 – “Opting Out of Junk Mail”

APR 2005 – “Protecting Consumers’ Personal Information May Not Be Possible”

MAY 2007 – “Tips for Ending Unwanted Mail”

AUG 2003 – “Identity Protection Products Reduce Effects of Identity Theft, but Only Partly”

MAR 2003 – “Email Scam Aims to Swipe PayPal Users’ Credit Card Details”

APR 2008 – “A Look at Identity-theft Protection Services”

This site is the work of a single person, Dave Nielsen. I’ve built this site based on my interest and background in internet and credit. I started using computers in 1978 on the Apple II and was first online (using my “high-speed” 1200 baud modem) in 1989. I’ve managed web sites for several Fortune 500 companies and for internet start-ups. Working for one of those start-ups is what brought me into the world of credit. I was part of the the executive team that ran QSpace, the first company to offer credit reports over the internet. Even though QSpace delivered close to 1,000,000 individual credit reports to consumers, you probably have never heard of them. That’s because they sold their products through large partners like Yahoo, e-Loan, InfoSpace, etc. QSpace has since been acquired by Experian.

At QSpace I was able to work with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union) to develop new credit products. QSpace was the first company to offer credit scores and merged credit reports online in realtime. After leaving QSpace, I’ve starting researching identity theft and realized how confusing it must be for the average person to sort through all of the conflicting information you can find on the internet. This site is designed to clarify and simplify many of the issues around identity theft.

That’s the goal of Fight Identity Theft – keep the information clear and simple. Let me know if I’ve been successful.